Sociology | Introduction to Sociology
S100 | 3587 | Fallon

S100 Introduction to Sociology     Fallon    11:15-12:30 MW 3587

Simplistically, sociology is the study of society.  This can be
broken down further into social psychology and social structure
or organization.  Social psychology focuses on social
interactions between individuals at the micro-level of society;
whereas, social structure and organization examines broad
spectrum patterns found at the macro-level of society.  In this
course, we will cover social psychology, but we will primarily
concentrate on social structure and organization.  Some of the
topics we will discuss in this course include: sociological
theory and method, the socialization process, race and ethnicity,
sex and gender, the family, social and global stratification,
deviance, and social change.  Although we will emphasize patterns
in the U.S. society, cross cultural issues will also be
discussed.  We will begin by examining sociological theory.  This
will provide a foundation from which you will learn to apply the
theories to the topics we discuss and examine.  By the end of the
course, you will have an understanding about the topic of
sociology, as well as an understanding about the structure and
organization of the U.S. society.