Sociology | Introduction to Sociology
S100 | 3589 | Alderson

S100 Introduction to Sociology     Alderson  1:00-2:15 MW   3589

This course has three general objectives: (1) to introduce you to
the field of sociology; (2) to help you to acquire a broad and
deep understanding of the social forces that influence the world
in which we live; and (3) to equip you with some of the tools
that you will need to prosper in the future, both at IU and in
the new global information economy.

My goal in this course is to help you develop an informed
perspective on contemporary U.S. society.  However, only a small
part of the course will directly address the American experience.
Our approach to the study of human society will be comparative
and historical.  The guiding assumption of the
comparative/historical method is that we can better understand
our own society by learning more about other societies, past and
present.  In discussions, readings, group presentations, and
lectures, we will engage a great deal of information on a broad
range of human societies.  As one of the course requirements, you
will also pursue a semester-long study of another contemporary
society.  These educational experiences are designed to help you
to gain both a new understanding of your own society and a
greater appreciation for the world at large.