Sociology | Introduction to Sociology
S100 | 3592 | Darnall

S100 Introduction to Sociology     Darnall   8:00-9:15 TR   3592

In this introduction to the study of Sociology, we will examine
the general impact of society on the actions, thoughts, and
feelings of particular people.  We will examine how the social
world is organized and maintained, and how people create and
change their social worlds.

The sociological study of social relations contributes to
critical thinking about the social world, and this is one of the
aims of this course.  Instead of accepting things as they are,
you will be challenged to ask why things occur in a particular
way and to consider how they might occur differently.  This will
require that you keep an open mind, that you exhibit a
willingness to learn, and that you keep up on your readings so as
to be able to actively contribute to class discussions.

This course will be taught interactively, using a combination of
lecture, class discussion, and smaller group discussions.  We
will be using a textbook and additional readers.  The text will
provide a framework for understanding the concepts of social
behavior and social relations, and the readers will provide a
basis on which to apply those concepts to actual situations that
affect us and others.  We will also view video excerpts during
class as another means of applying the concepts about which we
learn in lecture and in the text.