Sociology | Introduction to Sociology
S100 | 3593 | Garnier

S100 Introduction to Sociology     Garnier   9:30-10:45 TR  3593

PURPOSE: My purpose this semester is to help you acquire enough
familiarity with the ideas and methods of sociology so that you
may use them to understand the social world in which you live.  I
will stress analysis (breaking down a situation into its
component parts) and methods (how do we know).  I will have
numerous occasions to indicate how sociology relates to other
disciplines, particularly history, psychology and economics.  My
intent is that, at the end of the semester, you will possess an
understanding of American society that will be far more
sophisticated than the one you currently possess.

This semester, we will discuss: inequality, economic life and
education in detail.

EXAMINATIONS: There will be 3 examinations and a final.  Each
examination tests that part of the course covered since the last
one.  The final will be comprehensive.  In addition, exercises in
class will prepare students for the tests.

Each examination will have a multiple choice part designed to
measure your knowledge of the material and an essay designed to
measure your understanding.

There are no make-ups.  If you have a special problem (you broke
your wrist and cannot write, for example), let me know so that we
may make the necessary arrangements (have someone else write for

Kozol, Jonathan.  1991.  Savage Inequalities: Children in
America's Schools.  New York: Crown Publishers.

Harrigan, John. 1993.  Empty Dreams, Empty Pockets class and
bias in American Politics.

As this is an interactive course, class attendance is crucial.
Missing any class time is strongly discouraged.  Your final grade
will be based on performance on three tests, successful
completion of short and interesting assignments, as well as class
attendance and participation.