Sociology | Introduction to Sociology
S100 | 3598 | Kinker

S100 Introduction to Sociology     Kinker    6:30-9:00 W    3598

This course introduces you to the systematic study of social
life.  The course has two main objectives.  First, it will
familiarize you with dominant theoretical frameworks and
investigative methods within sociology.  Second, it will use
specific case studies and examples drawn from popular culture to
help you apply sociological skills to your own lives.  We will
examine how social institutions shape our daily experiences,
values, beliefs, politics and personal identities.  At the same
time, we will ask how we as individuals and as group members
build and alter social structure.  Topics will include emotions,
socialization processes, intersections between medical expertise
and personal identities, community structure and cohesion, and
the origins and consequences of class, race and gender
inequality.  Most of our discussion will be based on examples
drawn from the United States, but we also will include discussion
of other societies in order to sharpen our view of our own
culture.  Throughout the course, we will develop skills in
critically interpreting written materials and visual images to
become informed consumers of sociological, scientific and other
"expert" knowledge.

Tentative course requirements include attendance at all class
meetings, three in-class noncumulative exams (multiple choice and
short answer), weekly half-page "reflection papers," one short
analysis paper, and class participation.