Sociology | Social Problems & Policies
S101 | 3599 | Gnida

S101 Social Problems & Policies    Gnida     9:30-10:45 MW  3599
Topic: Sociology of Sport

This course is designed as a critical investigation of one of
America's (and the world's) most widespread social institutions.
This is not a course where we simply "rap" about sports; instead
we will investigate the meaning of sport to a society, community,
and individual.  Our primary goal in this class is to learn
important sociological concepts sport will be used as an example
to help illustrate and interpret these concepts.  The focus will
be on sport in the United States, but there will be some
discussion of sport in other societies (e.g. the former Soviet
Union).  We will examine sport at every level in our society,
beginning with children's games and continuing through
professional sports.  Some of the sociological areas we will
discuss include: social theory; gender, race, and ethnicity
issues; social change; urban sociology; stratification; and many
others.  In addition, several critical issues in sport today will
be analyzed.  These include: gender and racial  discrimination;
drug use by athletes; the relationship between sport and the
media; spectator violence, and others.  Finally, we will discuss
the possible future of sport in American society.