Sociology | Social Problems & Policies
S101 | 3602 | Brady

S101 Social Problems & Policies    Brady     9:30-10:45 TR  3602
Topic: Rich and Poor: Inequality in Global Perspective

>From the impoverishment of children in the Third World to the
decay of inner cities in the U.S.  From the rapid social change
in China to the persistent problems of Africa.  From unstable
governments in Europe to the wealth of the upper class in the
U.S.  Social inequality is an unmistakable feature around the
globe.  In this class, we will explore the magnitude, causes and
consequences of global social inequality.  Further, we will
examine how social inequality matters to a host of changes such
as the decline of welfare, the deforestation of tropical rain
forests, genocidal conflict and war, the fall of communism and
the rise of fascism.  While sociologists have studied these
issues for a number of years, this class will focus on applying
what sociologists have learned to make sense of the changing
dynamics of inequality around the world.  This class will give
students a chance to think sociologically about these issues,
learn more about current events, and develop themselves as global
citizens.  Tentatively, students will be evaluated on three exams
and one short paper.  Classes will involve some lecture, some
class discussion, and an occasional feature film.