Sociology | Social Problems & Policies
S101 | 3604 | Brooks

S101 Social Problems & Policies    Brooks    1:00-2:15 TR   3604
Topic: Issues and Opinions in American Society and Politics

Welcome to Sociology 101.  In this course we investigate public
opinion and how people develop attitudes towards issues relating
to race, gender, family, government, and political parties.  We
consider the roles of the media and political activists, as well
as where "issues" come from in the first place.  We will also
examine what this research tells us about the strategies that are
effective in the struggle for social change.  Throughout the
course we will devote one class per week to discussion of
questions raised by our readings and class materials.

In the first part of the course, we examine issues relating to
race to better understand how policy conflicts emerge as well as
change.  We then consider abortion, asking what role activists
have in making this such a salient issue.  Next we investigate
changes in the family, asking about the nature and origins of
social problems relating to gender.  We then study the Civil
Rights Movement to better understand the effect that
participation in social movements has on people's lives.  We
conclude by examining attitudes toward government and the
increasing importance of the electronic media in shaping people's
views and willingness to participate in political activities.