Sociology | The Economy, Organizations & Work
S210 | 3607 | VonDerHaar

S210 The Economy, Organizations & Work   VonDerHaar
1:00-2:15 MW 3607

If you were to get enough money to live as comfortably as you
would like for the rest of your life, would you continue to work
or would you stop working?  Which one thing would you most prefer
in a job?  According to a 1994 General Social Survey, two-thirds
of Americans said they would continue to work.  And the one thing
that most of them would prefer in a job was a feeling of
accomplishment.  In order to gain a full understanding of how
Americans feel about their jobs, we will explore how working in
America has changed and will continue to change.  And we will
devote a major portion of the semester to examining
organizations how they are structured, how they operate, and how
their cultures influence the world of work.

In order to appreciate the way that Americans feel about the
kinds of jobs they do, we will begin the semester with Studs
Terkel's book, Working, in which he interviews Americans employed
in many different fields of work farmers, miners, models,
professors, actors, truck drivers, hookers, janitors, policemen,
hair stylists, brokers, athletes, musicians, and even grave
diggers.  To gain further insight into the world of work, we will
examine the organization of work, historical perspectives on the
workplace, the impact of technology on the work we do, and
inequality in work.

Final grades for this course will be based on three exams and one
course project.