Sociology | The Economy, Organizations & Work
S210 | 3608 | Althauser

S210 The Economy, Organizations & Work    Althauser
2:30-5:00 TR   3608

This is a sophomore level, introductory class which unlike S100
focuses on organizations, the workplace and economic activity, as
understood by sociologists. The changing nature of the jobs we do
and the organizations we work in, and the increasingly global
character of our economy are topics addressed by this course. The
course is designed for students seeking a foundation for life-
long learning about a variety of issues that greatly affect the
careers and satisfaction of American workers.

The goals of this course are:
To enhance your understanding of the three basic concepts
contained in the course title.
To enhance your appreciation for the way in which work is
embedded in organizations and the way in which both are
embedded in underlying economic systems.
To provide a continuing basis for managing the career of
your choosing.
To enhance the knowledge and skills necessary for life-long
learning about EOW!

Unusual features of this course:
Learning groups in-class
Web-based learning tools out of class
Mix of closed, open book exams
More in-class discussion than usual.
Focus on analyzing cases
Keeping up with assignments critical
Real-world applications
Emphasis on active learning.

Readings will be drawn from selected monographs of workplaces and
a reader filled with interesting articles on organizations and
work. Learning activities will include in-class writing and group
work.  There are several quizzes spread out across the semester.

The course Web page is found at
Access to the spring syllabus and reading assignments is possible
for non-registrants.