Sociology | Society & The Individual
S230 | 3614 | Fingerson

S230 Society & The Individual  Fingerson 1:00-2:15 MW   3614

This is a broad survey course covering many of the important
areas in social psychology from a distinctly sociological
perspective.  We will explore how sociologists think about the
influence of society and culture on the individual person, and
conversely, the influence of the individual on society.  In our
daily lives we often don't think of social norms, customs, and
social influences on who we are and how we act.  For example, why
is it that we form lines at the grocery store instead of just
"budging" in?  Why do we routinely jaywalk, even though it is
illegal?  Why do we say "hello" when we answer the telephone
instead of "who's calling"?  Much of this course will be
dedicated to uncovering how our interaction and language are
socially determined, and how the individual and society are
intricately intertwined.  To discover these phenomena, the course
will consist of readings, essay assignments, discussions, and in-
class activities.

Requirements will include exams and written assignments.  I
expect students to attend lectures, which will focus on important
aspects of the readings as well as a broader discussion of
relevant topics in social psychology.  The exams will be
primarily based on material presented and discussed in class.