Sociology | Religion & Society
S313 | 3622 | Cully

S313 Religion & Society  Culley    1:00-2:15 TR   3622

This course is about the study of religion from a sociological
perspective, and will examine how various sociological
perspectives and theories can be applied to understand religious
institutions and the behavior, beliefs, and attitudes of
religious people.  The course will focus primarily on religion in
the United States.  Main topics to be covered include: How
religion is defined, religious socialization and/or religious
conversion, the composition and diversity of religious groups
that exist in the U.S., debates about the strength of religion in
the U.S. compared to other nations, the ways in which religion
interacts with deviance, (mental and physical) health, gender,
education, the mass media, and political ideologies, and current
and/or future trends for religion in the U.S.

Students are encouraged (and to some degree required) to apply
ideas from class to their own experiences (or lack of
experiences) with religious ideas and/or religious institutions.

Required Texts: Culture Wars: The Struggle to Define America by
James Davison Hunter, and The Churching of America, 1776-1990 by
Roger Finke and Rodney Stark.  A coursepack of articles,
available at Collegiate Copies, is also required.

Required Films: Students will be required to view 2 films during
the semester; titles and showings for these films will be

Course grade will be determined by one midterm exam, one final
exam, and 8 brief (1-2 page) writing assignments.