Sociology | Work & Occupations
S315 | 3623 | Wallace

S315 Work & Occupations  Wallace   1:00-2:15 MW   3623

This course will focus on the organization of work in American
society and the impact of work on the individual and society.  In
the first segment of the course, we will develop an historical
perspective which will examine technological changes in the
workplace, the growth of the modern corporation, and the rise and
fall of the union movement.  The remaining two-thirds of the
course builds upon this historical framework to understand
contemporary problems in the study of the workplace, including:
deindustrialization, plant closings, and the rise of the service
economy; the impact of the global economy on the nature of work;
the changing nature of the professions and the occupational
structure; the implications of automation, robotics, and other
high-tech work settings; individual and collective reactions to
modern work such as alienation, autonomy, self-fulfillment, and

Course requirements include completion of three exams and the
student's choice of optional assignments such as a book review, a
term paper, or participation in panel discussions.