Sociology | Deviant Behavior & Social Control
S320 | 3630 | Peck

S320 Deviant Behavior & Social Control  Peck 2:30-3:45 TR   3630

In every society there are certain traits and behaviors that are
considered inappropriate, indecent, disgusting or just plain
wrong.  Such traits and behaviors can be considered "deviant."
Which traits and behaviors get classified as deviant, however,
varies over time and across cultures.  Understanding the issues
surrounding deviance does not solely tell us about the people who
engage in deviant acts; it also teaches us about the norms and
organization of the "normal" society in which such acts are

This class will focus on the various things in society that are
considered deviant: what is considered deviant, why something is
considered deviant, how people react to things considered
deviant, how people become involved in things deviant, and how
things become considered deviant.  We will explore different
definitions of deviance (both among the general public, as well
as among the research community), specific examples of deviance
(both historical and contemporary), societal reactions to
deviance (both interpersonal reactions and societal level
reactions such as norms and laws), as well as the processes by
which behaviors or groups become classified as deviant.  Specific
topics will cover a wide variety of important issues today
including crime and punishment, drugs, sexuality, race, and

The course will be interesting and useful for majors and non-
majors both.  We will cover theories and topics that are at the
heart of sociology, and at the center of the world in which we