Sociology | Mental Illness
S324 | 3635 | Saulsbury

S324 Mental Illness   Saulsbury 6:30-9:00 TR   3635

This course provides an examination of the relationship between
mental illness and society.  Mental illness has been a hard term
to define.  In part, this is due to the sociocultural basis for
determining what orientations or behaviors are indicative of
mental illness.  Throughout the course, emphasis will be placed
on the ways that both the social environment and sociodemographic
characteristics (e.g. social class, race, gender) define and
distribute the term "mental illness" across different
populations.  We will examine the social aspects of severe
disorders such as schizophrenia and manic-depressive illness, as
well as the broader spectrum of conditions that range from the
relatively mild to catastrophic.  The focus of the course is
twofold.  First, we will critically review different theories of
mental illness that are social in origin which assert that mental
illness results from particular patterns of human interaction.
Second, we will discuss and debate the medical, political, media,
and legal issues associated with mental illness.