Sociology | Gender Roles
S338 | 3639 | Shirley

S338 Gender Roles   Shirley   1:00-2:15 MW   3639

Have you ever heard someone say "that's not very ladylike" or
"boys will be boys"?  In this course, we will examine how and why
society prescribes different gender roles to girls and boys and
to men and women.  In turn, we will discuss how those gender
roles affect the expectations, experiences, and opportunities of
women and men in society.  The lectures and readings will reflect
a number of different perspectives, and we will attempt to
provide an equal emphasis on the female and male gender roles.
Specifically, we will discuss the meanings of sex and gender;
different theories about the appropriate roles for men and women;
gender and culture (deviance, language, media,
beauty/attractiveness, and childhood); gender and institutions
(science, medicine, education, family, and work); sexuality,
violence, and sexual politics; cross-cultural, racial/ethnic,
historical, and sexuality-based variations in gender; and
proposed social change for gender roles.

The purpose of this course is to help you better understand how
gender roles are socially constructed and to see how gender
stratification works in your everyday lives.  You will gain the
conceptual and theoretical tools to analyze the personal and
institutional consequences of different social constructions of