Sociology | Statistics for Sociology
S371 | 3646 | Bradshaw

S371 Statistics for Sociology  Bradshaw  9:30-10:45 TR  3645
LAB 3:35-4:25 W    3646
4:40-5:30 W    3647
5:45-6:30 W    3648

This course provides a comprehensive introduction to the logic,
application, and interpretation of statistical techniques in the
social sciences.  It is not a course that stresses abstract
mathematical principles.  To the contrary, it is a class that
shows how statistical methods can be used to study "real"
contemporary social problems.  We will begin with a brief
discussion of the logic behind statistical research.  Next, we
will examine the organization and interpretation of different
types of statistics.  Finally, we will learn a variety of formal
statistical tests for determining whether there is a relationship
between two or more variables.  Because the computer is an
invaluable tool for assisting social scientists, we will spend
some time learning to use it to conduct social research.

Course requirements include 5 or 6 projects, a mid-term
examination, and a final examination.  The projects (taken
collectively) will account for 50% of the final grade, and the
exams will each account for 25% of the grade.