Sociology | Special Topics in Social Organization
S410 | 3654 | Moran

S410 Special Topics in Social Organization
9:30-10:45 TR 3654
Topic: Health and Patterns of Care in an Aging America

The U.S. and other industrialized societies now have increasing
numbers of aged individuals and relatively fewer youth and young
adults.  Students will explore factors behind this demographic
change, increasing life expectancy, and the impact on inter-
generational relationships, health service needs, and health and
social policies.  We will examine whether predictions of
increased dependency and disability are likely to be true, and
projected needs for Medicare, Medicaid and health care delivery.
Students will also be introduced to ethical and political debates
about the "rights" of elders to specialized programs and
priorities for health services.

Other topics include: chronic diseases and the health status of
elders; differences in minority and socioeconomic status among
older Americans; family and community dynamics of caregiving and
special needs of caregivers; the role of prevention in promoting
successful aging; long-term care: its problems and social costs;
dementia; changes in social programs to promote independence and
"aging-in-place"; changes in social views of the aging process
and role of older Americans.