Sociology | Social Interaction
S439 | 3655 | Heise

S439 Social Interaction  Heise  2:30-3:45 TR   3655

Through readings, field observations, and computer analysis this
course focuses on ways of understanding interpersonal behavior.
Major emphases are symbolic interaction, group process, affect-
control, and narrative.  Goals in the course include:
(1) Reading in order to gain scientific understanding of
social relationships;
(2) Learning technology for analyzing social interactions
and applying it in practical affairs;
(3) Gaining proficiency in some sociological methods of
(4) Acquiring or enhancing computer literacy.

Grades are based largely on papers, but also depend on class
attendance and participation during class.  Papers elucidate
observed readings and by utilizing computer programs.  More
details are available on the World Wide Web at!claswork/Courses.html.