Sociology | Introducation to Social Organization
S510 | 3665 | Brooks

S510 Introduction to Social Organization     (3 CR)
3665 9:30A - 11:30A T    BH 137
Clem Brooks

Office: BH 777 Office Phone: 855-8939
Office Hours:  12:00P - 12:55P  T  &  2:15P - 2:30P  R, or by
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Welcome to Sociology 510.  This course is an advanced
introduction to the study of a wide-ranging set of areas in
sociology loosely referred to as "social organization."  Our
focus in this course is deliberately broad we will survey theory
and research in a host of different areas that relate to the
study of institutions, social structure, politics, and social
change.  These include organizational theory and the "new
institutionalism"; debates over rational choice models in
economic sociology; race, class, and gender inequalities; the
study of political change; and world systems theory.  Our goals
will be to develop an overview of these areas, while also adding
to our toolkits of concepts, models, and interpretative
strategies with which to do research.

Because of the breadth of this survey course, we will not cover
all topics falling under this heading, and to maximize the scope
of our survey, we will only be able to spend one (or at most two)
week(s) on any given topic.  I have listed six additional
readings for each topic that represent useful reviews or key
studies in a given area.  I'm also happy to discuss additional
references and readings with which you can investigate a
particular area in greater detail.