Social Work | Human Behavior & Social Env. III: Community & Organizational Functioning
S323 | 8238 | Byers

This is the third course in the HBSE curriculum area.  It provides a
theoretical and conceptual base for understanding community and
organizational structures necessary for social work practice.  The course
assists the undergraduate social work student in building a foundation of
knowledge about communities and organizations as units of analysis; and
explores how community structure and processes enhance or inhibit the well
being of individuals, families, and organizations.  In addition, the course
addresses formal organizations as important systems in the community and as
vehicles for social work practice.

The course will focus on: definitions of community; origins of community
theory; community research; neighborhoods; community change; types of
organizations; the relationship between communities and organizations;
power, conflict, and democratic processes; bureaucratic functioning, and
distribution of resources as it pertains to subordinate and dominant groups
within communities and organizations.