THTR T443 Sec. 4066 H. Jensen

Directing 3

12:30-2:15p TR 3 cr. hr.

Prerequisites: THTR T442 or Permission of Instructor.


The purpose of the course is to investigate methods of directing scripts of different period and styles, with special attention to overall concept.

The directing of three 15-minute scenes forms the major work of the course. Each student directs a Shakespeare scene from either Hamlet or Romeo and Juliet, a Comedy of Manners scene from either Coward's Private Lives or Wilde's The Importance of Being Earnest, and a scene from any Sam Shepard play. Each scene is presented to the class at least twice for both written and oral critique.

Directing students are responsible for finding and casting actors for their scenes. Rehearsals must take place outside of class time.

The scripts listed above, any edition.
ASSIGNMENTS: One paper - analysis of the Shakespeare scene.
EXAMS: None.
OTHER: The 3 scenes listed above.