West European Studies | Europe in the Age of the Cold War
W405 | 4100 | Douglas

Meets TR   11:15-12:30   Ballantine Hall 228

Meets with HIST B 300 and WEUR W605 Section 8427

Obtain on-line authorization for above section from department

Grading and Course Requirements: Final Exam:  50%, Midterm
Examination:  25%, Short Paper:  25%

The paper should be from 1200 to 1500 words and will be based on a
topic given out in class. Course readings will combine a textbook and
a number of shorter works written during the period. In addition to
the above, students enrolled for graduate credit will be asked to
prepare two short essays, each based on a book agreed upon in advance
with the instructor.

Europe in the Age of the Cold War will look at the Cold War as more
than an international rivalry.  In addition to strategic and military
issues (and the histories of crises like those concerning Berlin), we
will examine the relations between the Cold War and the evolution of
European politics, economics and culture from 1945 through 1990.  The
course will show, for example, how, during these years, a decline in
Marxism took place on both political and cultural levels, on both
sides of the Iron Curtain.