West European Studies | Comparative Public Policy
W605 | 4106 | Furniss

Meets T     1:00-3:00   Woodburn Hall 204

Meets with POLS Y665

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Some years ago Elliot Feldman wrote that "the introduction of
comparison into the analysis of public policy promises to expose the
range of choices available to societies whose perception of choice may
be bounded by institutions, social structure and culture. And it
promises an embracing theory for politics as well as policy, because
comparison helps establish norms of judgment and helps distinguish the
essential from the trivial." Our task is to assess the extent to which
these promises have been and can be realized.

We will begin by desegregating our subject beginning with the term
"comparative" which we will consider in the sense of "comparative
method" and "conceptual stretching". We will also consider what we
mean by "public" and how "policy" may or may not be distinguished from
"politics". The aim of this exercise is to produce better informed
research questions and research projects in the general field of
public policy.  Seminar members will have an opportunity to do so.  I
have a preliminary set of readings that I would be glad to discuss
with anyone who might be interested in taking the seminar.