East Asian Languages & Cultures | East Asia: An Introduction
E100 | 0196 | Munson

This course surveys the social, political, and cultural development of
modern East Asia.  Specifically, we will be focusing on the roughly 150
years that have marked the modern relationship of 'East' and 'West,' and
how the cultures of Japan, Korea, and China have been influenced by–and
influenced–Europe and the United States during this turbulent period.  Our
goal in E100 will be to understand the background of the present situation
in East Asia as a region, and its implications for the global system in
general.  This is not just an issue of the current financial crisis:  if we
are truly on the verge of the 'Pacific Century,' then it is imperative that
we understand the complex societies of East Asia and our complicated
history with the countries within it.

Through lectures, discussion, primary sources (literature in translation,
journals, photos, wood-block prints) and secondary sources (assigned
reading, films) we will take a kaleidoscopic look at the 'American century'
from the perspective of the East.  Grading will be based on quizzes, two
exams, attendance and participation.