Education | Seminar in Early Childhood Education
E508 | 0919 | Chafel

A large number of children in the United States today are growing up
in poverty.  Despite the risks that poverty poses for child
development, the number of children poor has not changed substantially
over the past few decades.  The seminar adopts a multidisciplinary
approach to examine child poverty as a contemporary social issue
affecting early childhood education.  A broad spectrum of themes will
be explored: case studies of children and families in poverty, the
demographics of child poverty, early intervention efforts (Head
Start), social policy, child advocacy, and more.  Sample readings
include: Lives on the Line: American Families and the Struggle to Make
Ends Meet (Shirk, Bennett, & Aber), Children, Families & Government
(Zigler, Kagan, & Hall), Escape from Poverty: What Makes a Difference
for Children (Chase-Lansdale, & Brooks-Gunn), and others.