Education | Human Sexuality: Introduction to Therapy
G672 | 0893 | Pat Stowers

	G672 Human Sexuality:  Introduction to Therapy
	Instructor:  Patt Stowers
	(812) 339-2610

	The goal of this course is to explore human sexuality and
appreciate the diversity and uniqueness of individual thoughts and
behaviors.  I invite and encourage you to join me on a journey of
courage, discovery, a search for your truth, and an acceptance of your
sexual essence and that of others whom you will encounter in the field
of counseling.

Grading Criteria:

	Grades, which typically range from A+ to C, will be based upon
the following criteria, all of which are treated as evidence of your
involvement and commitment to this course.

Punctuality and Attendance:

	If for any reason you will be late or not able to attend,
please notify me ahead of time by leaving a message at 339-2610.

Class Participation:

	The success of this class depends very much on your active
participation.  This includes your willingness to share with other
class members, in small groups and in the class itself.  Be prepared
to discuss readings.


	Two to three typewritten pages, double spaced, in which you
report your reactions to class, the readings you have done, the tapes
you have watched or listened to, with a focus on the relevance to your
personal and professional circumstances.  At times statements from the
journals will be presented in class (anonymously) for general
discussion.  Journals serve as an important gauge for determining the
extend of your involvement.  These journals should be placed in
instructors mailbox by Tuesday at 4:30 p.m. each week with the
exception of the last class.

	Books available on reserve at the School of Education Library.
Feel free to explore any topic of interest to you - pertaining to the
subject of Human Sexuality.  You are required to turn in annotations
of 2 books - not on assigned reading list - that are of interest to
you which would add to our knowledge of the field.  May be turned in
at any time during the course.  Keep track of books and articles read
- titles & number of pages - turn in with class project.  Samples on
Reserve in the Education Library, under Annotations.

Class Project:

	Due at the last class.  There will be no exceptions.  I expect
you to turn in projects with correctly spelled words and proper
sentence structure.  You may choose any topic that appeals to you.
This should be a written paper - no audio or video projects - about
15-20 pages - double spaced.  Please check topic with instructor
before you begin.  Any paper turned in after the deadline will be
penalized by a reduction in your grade.  If you need special
consideration please talk with me.  Sample of a paper is on Reserve in
the Education Library under Class Project.