Education | Educational Measurement
Y527 | 0907 | Dr. Dan Mueller

	Y527 Texts and Requirements

Instructor:	Dr. Daniel J. Mueller

Office:	Education 4014

Telephone:	(812) 856-8349


Office Hours:  Before and after class and by appointment.


Texts:			Hopkins, K.C., Stanley, J.C. & Hopkins, B.R.
(1990). Educational and Psychological Measurement and Evaluation. NY:
Prentice Hall. (HSH)

			Mueller, Daniel J. (1986). Measuring Social
Attitudes: A Handbook for Researchers and Practitioners. (selected
chapters), NY: Teachers College Press. (From instructor)

Course Requirements:

	1.	Unit 1 examination covering primarily chapters 2-5 and
10 in HSH and chapter 7 in Mueller; objective items. (30%)

	2.	Unit 2 examination covering chapters 6-15 in Hopkins
and chapters 1-3 in Mueller; objective items. (30%)

	3.	Likert attitude scale construction project.  Follow
procedures described in Mueller, chapter 2. (25%)

	4.	Standardized test critical review project. Outline to
be supplied by instructor. (15%)

		Construct an achievement test based on specific
textual material, following the principles presented in HSH, chapters
7-9. Discuss its validity. (15%)
		Develop a performance assessment exercise and discuss
scoring, reliability 		and validity. (15%)