English | Children's Literature
L390 | 0256 | Hedin

10:20a-11:35a D (30) 3 cr.

This course will consider a wide range of children's books, from fairy tales to the very recent Harry Potter books, along with a few films. I will emphasize stories and how they work, i.e. how our adult understanding of what stories convey and how they convey it can help us see how children are shaped by the stories they read, see, and hear. I will also pay particular attention to the role of magic and the imaginary in children's books.

We will consider on average two books a week, or a book and a film. Students will be expected to have read the material or to have viewed the film by the first day on which it is to be discussed. Students will also be required to respond by email to a discussion question before each work is considered in class. There will be one essay (which may be a story written for children) and a final exam; the email responses, essay, and exam will count equally in the final grade. Class participation will also be considered.

The reading list is incomplete and tentative; for a final list, email hedin@indiana.edu in April:

selected fairy tales
The Wind in the Willows
The Tale of Peter Rabbit
Charlotte's Web
Bridge to Terabithia
Little House on the Prairie
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
assorted picture books
Beauty and the Beast (film)
The Lion King (film)