History | The U. S. in the Sixties
A382 | 0394 | Rubin

2:35-3:50P     D     BH244

Above section open to undergraduates only.

During the 1960s, the United States witnessed its own profound
upheaval.  Traditionally marginalized groups roared their anger and
demanded to be respected.  A government anxious about Communism waged
a bitterly contested war half way around the world.  Some young people
"tuned in and dropped out," others defended traditional values, and
still others stormed university offices.  A future president warned of
"anarchy on campus."

In this course, we will examine the forces that shaped American
culture, politics, and society throughout this exciting and difficult
decade.  We will read two books and a course reader with varied and
interesting excerpts.  Students should expect a fairly big reading
load.  Also, four films will be shown outside of regular class hours,
discussed in class, and covered on exams.

There will be four exams, plus a final exam, for a total of five;
satisfactory performance on these will require that students do all
readings, attend all lectures, and view the films.  Each exam will
require at least one essay answer.  Periodically throughout the
course, quizzes may also be given.
Books: Malcolm X, Autobiography of Malcolm X, ed. Alex Haley
David Farber, The Age of Great Dreams: America in the 1960s
A382 Course Reader