History | The World in the 20th Century II
H102 | 0385 | Pursell

1:10-2:25P        D          BH242

Above section carries culture studies credit.
Above section open to undergraduates only.

H102 covers major events around the world from 1945 to 2000.  Lectures
will use individual national narratives to highlight general global
themes.  The course is woven around the major themes of
decolonization, the course of the Cold War, and the development of
widely variant and competing social, economic, and political systems.
We will discuss problems or cultural developments with global
significance, including food shortages, standards of living, women's
societal roles, and the impact of American culture on the world.
There will be in-class explorations of source documents and a novel
set in Africa.  Student grades will be based on two exams, an analysis
of the novel and collection of six news articles.  For more
information contact the instructor at tspursel@indiana.edu.