History | Russia's Last Tsar! Nicholas II
J400 | 0396 | Eklof

1:30-3:30P     TWR     BH321

Topic: Russia's Last Tsar: Nicholas II and His Times, 1894-1917
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The life and times of Nicholas II, Imperial Russia's last Tsar
(1894-1917).  We begin with his biography, investigate the personal
tragedy that shaped his life and affected the entire country; next we
turn to the geopolitics, the issues and choices confronting Russia's
rulers at the turn of the century; the political structures, ruling
elite and Empire.  We then investigate the society and culture.
Finally, we look at World War I, the collapse of the autocracy, and
the tumultuous events of the Russian Revolution.  Throughout, the
emphasis is upon "lived experiences" and the interaction of private
and public; the relationship between "politics" and daily life.

Requirements: regular attendance and preparation for class; written
synopses of reading, midterm and analytical essay (15 pages
double-spaced).  No preprequisites.

Readings: (There will also be short handouts.)
	John Hutchinson, Late Imperial Russia (Longman, 1999) p.
isbn: 0582327210
	Orlando Figes, A People's Tragedy: The Russian Revolution
1891-1924   pb (Penguin,     NY 1998)   014024364X
	Robert Massie, Nicholas and Alexandra (Dell: Laurel, NY 1967)