Health, Physical Education And Recreation | Exercise Leadership (3 cr)
K565 | 1095 | Wallace

Monday-Wednesday-Friday - 4:00P.M. - 7:00P.M.

The primary goal of this course is to apply the techniques of exercise
leadership to
the "real life" setting for clinical and corporate exercise programs.

The official scheduling of this course is Summer I.  However, the course
has been spread over Fall, Spring, and Summer I because 1) there is too much
information and activities to fit into the six week Summer I session, and 2)
significant information is needed for the P567 practicum before summer
sessions begin.  Many of the orientation/lectures will be given in Fall I
and Spring I.

The grading activities will begin late in Spring I and will continue on in
Summer I.
The final grade will be given at the end of Summer I.

1.  AFP Policies and Procedures Manual
2.  American College of Sports Medicine Guidelines for Exercise Testing and
3.  Notes from P562 and P564

50% Case Study Assignments
50% Exercise Leadership (videotape sessions)