Health, Physical Education And Recreation | Introduction to Sport Management (3 cr)
P211 | 1066 | Sailes

One seventy five minute period two times per week

This course is restricted to freshmen and sophomores.  Juniors, seniors and
graduate students will
require permission from the instructor to register.

It is the objective of this course to introduce the student to the different
managerial and
administrative components of the sport industry.  Class discussions will
focus on assisting the
student in establishing a conceptual understanding of and developing the
skills necessary to
function as a professional manger in the sports market place.  In addition,
the student will be
exposed to the different sports career opportunities, the requirements for
entrance into the various
employment areas and the trends in the industry.  This course seeks to
provide the student with an
initial professional experience which will be beneficial after graduation.

1.   There will be three examination each consisting of fifty multiple
choice questions.
2.   Each student will be required to construct a professional portfolio
which is a
comprehensive assignment consisting of outside readings and written
assignments.  A
detailed description of the portfolio assignment will be distributed
during the first class.
3.   The final grade will be based on an equal evaluation of the three
exams, the portfolio (25%

Developing a Lifelong Contract in The Sports Marketplace by Greg Cylkowski
and Reader in IU Bookstore.