Religious Studies | New Age Religion in the 19th Century
R202 | 0560 | Folk

R202 New Age Religion in the 19th Century (Folk) (3 credits) Daily,
8:55-10:10 BH 219

What is the New Age and is it really all that new? This survey of
nineteenth-century metaphysical movements will use these older traditions
to consider contemporary New Age and "alternative" spirituality. The aims
of this course are to answer questions about the philosophical perspective
of alternative religions, and to understand how and why these diverse
movements interact in consistent patterns over the course of two
centuries. This approach will help document and interpret a major,
persistent impulse in American religion.

The New Age in the Nineteenth Century will be divided into five units,
focusing on Swedenborgianism and Transcendentalism; Spiritualism and the
Occult; Buddhism, Hinduism and Theosophy; health and dietary reform; and
New Thought and Mind Cure. Readings will be drawn from recent secondary
literature and original sources, as well as recent pieces from
American popular culture.