Religious Studies | Religion, Culture and Life in the City
R202 | 0561 | Nabhan-Warren

R202 Religion, Culture, and Life in the City (Nabhan-Warren) (3 credits)
Daily, 1:10-2:25 BH 135

The goal of this course is to introduce students to an array of religious
practices and beliefs in American cities. Only recently have scholars
addressed urban religion as a separate category, and this course will draw
from these studies and attempt to add to the understanding of urban
religious phenomena. We will read from a wide selection and will learn
about religion in several U.S. cities--including Los Angeles, Phoenix,
Chicago, New York, and Miami. We will read about and discuss racial and
ethnic groups including Mexican Americans, Cuban Americans, Puerto Ricans,
African Americans, Native Americans, and Asian Americans. As a class, we
will look at racial diversity, racism, migration and immigration,
socioeconomics, and other factors that affect religion in cities.