West European Studies | Dutch Culture
W405 | 0681 | Van der Cruysse-Van Antwerpen

MWF 10:15a-12:15p
Meets with W605 and N450
Obtain online authorization from department

In N450, we will study the history of the Low Countries. All readings
will be in English and the course will be conducted in English also.
The course will begin with the Middle Ages and follow the development
of modern Belgium and The Netherlands during the past millennium. We
will try to understand how the modern collective identity of the
Belgians and the Dutch was formed through their experiences in times
of conflict, crisis, and prosperity. Texts will be taken from various
sources, including: history texts, literature in translation, visual
arts, and film.
This class is open to undergraduate and graduate students. For
undergraduate students, it fulfills the culture requirement and can
also be used as an intensive writing course.

Indiana University PhD students with and interest in a Dutch PhD
Minor are required to take this class in addition to 4 semesters of

Indiana University Undergraduate students with an interest in a Dutch
Minor are required to take this class in addition to 4 semester of
language and N350. This class can also be taken as an intensive
writing class.