Anthropology | Field Work in Archaeology
P405 | 0063 | Peebles

This course will carry six semester hours of academic credit and will be
open to both undergraduate and graduate students.  Class will meet daily
(Monday-Friday, 7:45am to 5:30pm) from May 8th through June 14th.  The
curriculum will include archaeological survey, excavation techniques and
the preparation of field documents.  Formal lectures on various aspects of
Indiana prehistory will provide students with a basic background in the
culture history of the region and the proper use of a variety of research
methods and field techniques.  The focus of the course however, will be
hands-on fieldwork at an archaeological site in south-central Indiana.
The curriculum includes archaeological survey and excavation, a basic
introduction to geophysical survey methods, preparation of field notes and
documentation, and instruction in other fundamental field skills. In large
measure it is a "learning through doing" course supplemented with formal
lectures and informal discussions about archaeological methods and Indiana
prehistory.  There are no formal prerequisites for this course, but
instructor approval is required.

This year, the main focus of our field school will be a small, Late
Prehistoric village near Bloomington.  At the conclusion of field school a
laboratory course P406/P506 will be offered for students who are
interested in later stages of artifact analysis.

The Glenn A. Black Laboratory will provide daily transportation to and
from the site; major field equipment and most expendable supplies will be
furnished.  Students will be responsible for tuition and fees assessed for
six semester hours of credit as well as personal excavation supplies
totaling less than $40.00.  Admission to the field school is by
application only. Applications and further information are available at
the Glenn A. Black Laboratory of Archaeology, 423 N. Fess St., Indiana
University, Bloomington, IN  47408-3800. Phone: (812) 855-9544. Email: Fax: (812) 855-1864.  Applications may also be
printed from the Glenn Black Lab web site at and mailed to or dropped off at
the Lab.  Applications are available now and are due no later than 5:00pm
March 16th 2001.  All students will be notified of acceptance via email on
March 19th. (Those applicants who do not have an email address will be
notified via U.S. mail).  Space is limited, so please fill out and return
applications as soon as possible.  Non-I.U. students are encouraged to
apply immediately since they will have to fill out additional registration
documents for I.U.