Biology | Introductory Biology Lectures
L104 | 0087 | Hengeveld, S

Course format: Daily lectures: 11:45A-1:00P, JH 239.

Requirements:  No background necessary.

Course description: Topic: The Wide World of Birds.  The course is
designed to introduce students to the study of birds, looking at their
behaviors (including migration, nesting, and singing); examining their
habits; exploring the adaptations of birds to their environment
(looking at their diets, mode of foraging, specific habitat, etc., and
how they are related to birdsí structural & plumage characteristics);
and studying their mating strategies (e.g., why some birds sing and
others dance to attract mates).  No biology background is necessary.
If you have ever been curious about why some birds come to feeders and
others do not, or why you see some birds on campus and different birds
in the woods, or what makes birds sing, this course is designed to
answer those questions and many more.

Required text: Attenborought, David, "The Life of Birds", 1998.
Kaufman, K, "Focus Guide to the Birds of North America", 2000.

Weekly assignments: Readings: one-two chapter per week.

Exam/papers: Two hourly exams plus cumulative final.