Biology | Evolution and Diversity
L111 | 0088 | Cotten, C

Course format: Daily lectures: 8:55A-10:10A, JH 239 plus twice-a-week
discussions (MR 11:45A-12:35P).  The discussions are not review of the
lecture but rather expand on selected lecture topics.

Requirements:  Basic academic skills.

Course description: The course is intended for entry-level science
majors.  The course is an introduction to the diversity of living
things.  Topics considered are 1) how organisms may have originated and
how they have evolved subsequently.  The latter is an introduction to
evolutionary theory, the unifying theory of modern biology; 2) how
organisms are adapted, structurally and functionally, to different
habitats and to different life styles; 3) how different types of
organisms can affect one another; 4) how organisms can be classified.

Required text: Campbell, et al., "Biology", fifth edition.

Weekly assignments: Two discussion topics: read assigned articles and
prepare answers to list of questions; four textbook chapters.

Exams/papers: Three multiple choice and short answer exams in lecture.
One one-page essay in each discussion meeting.