Communication And Culture | Public Speaking
C121 | 0142-0146 | Various

C121 is a contemporary course in the ancient and practical art of
rhetoric. It is founded on the premise that rhetorical action
(including the focus of this course-public speaking) is public
action. It is a course designed to help you recognize situations in
which your rhetorical action can contribute to the well-being of a
community. Easch assignment and speech is an opportunity to engage a
rhetorical situation in order to (1) create an audience out of a
collection of individuals and (2) invite that audience to understand
something in a particular way or motivate them to help resolve some
problem about which you think they should be concerned. As a
contemporary student of this ancient and practical art, you face some
of the same challenges that students have faced in similar courses
that have been taught for over 2,000 years. You should read more
about the workload and expectations for this course, which appear in
the C121 Workbook.
During the semester we will work together to meet our learning
objectives. At the end of the semester you should be able to:
1) select and narrow a relevant and engaging topic
2) determine the main idea of your speech and construct your main
points in support of that main idea
3) analyze and adapt to an audience, respecting the uniqueness and
integrity of its members
4) gather information by conducting research and employ this research
soundly, clearly, persuasively and ethically
5) organize materials strategically for a specific audience and
occasion, and to enhance the clarity of your presentation
6) use language accurately, powerfully and ethically
7) better control your body and voice to deliver your message in a
fluid and convincing manner with less apprehension
8) listen effectively and critically to others and constructively
critique peer performances based on criteria used in class
9) recognize the ethical responsibilities of speakers and audience

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