Communication And Culture | Introduction to Media
C190 | 0150 | Ai

In our intensely visual culture, it has become increasingly important
to go beyond passive viewing, to become informed spectators aware of
how the media work. This course is designed to teach students how to
recognize and analyze the way in which the artistic and technical
components involved in film, TV and video production (lighting,
editing, cinematography, sound) affect the way meaning is made
onscreen. Throughout the course, we encourage the mastery of
terminology--a first step toward visual literacy--as well as the
ability to analyze films and videos closely, relating their style to
their meaning. C190 is designed for a wide range of student
interests. It should interest the student who is intrigued by the
cinema and simply wants to learn more about it, as well as students
who wish to emphasize the media in their studies at IU, or prepare
for a career in filmmaking.  We'll see film classics, a nice sampling
of music videos, experimental film, cutting edge video, CD-Roms and
computer work, and consider the impact that new technology and
Website (like Jennicam) have on viewing and on culture. Reading will
include a textbook and a packet of critical essays. Written work will
include papers, and exams.