Spanish & Portuguese | Hispanic Colloquium
S495 | 0627 | Juan Soto

S495 Hispanic Colloquium (1 cr.)  For graduate students only.

Topic: A Computer Assisted Language Learning Workshop (CALL)

This course is designed as a workshop for graduate students who wish
to incorporate the use of technology to the teaching of a foreign
language.  In this course, we will mostly work with the implementation
of pedagogical goals in the teaching of the four language skills
(reading, writing, speaking, and listening comprehension) while
discussing the emerging practical and theoretical approaches in this
field. We will evaluate some of the software developed for this
purpose, but we will mainly focus on the use of the World Wide Web and
the Internet at large to enhance the learning process of students of a
foreign language.

The course will be held in a computer lab where we will evaluate
electronic tools, and work on different assignments.  Since working
with WWW-based materials requires some tailoring in order to add
effectively the online element to a foreign language class, students
in this course will learn the basics of HTML, and effective web design
for their target audience.  We will also work on delivering multimedia
through the WWW, creation of interactive exercises, evaluation, and
general activities to assist better the student of a foreign language.
No previous knowledge of programming languages for the WWW (HTML,
DHTML, JavaScript, Perl) is required.

S495	#0627 AUTH   2:00P-4:00P   Wednesday    LH030	Juan Soto
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