A310 | 0397 | Flavin

10:20-11:35A     D     BH304

Above section carries culture studies credit
Above section open to undergraduates only

This course is a survey of Native American history and Indian-White
relations from pre-Columbian times through 1865.  The course will
focus on Indians of North America - particularly those who lived in
what is now the United States.  Topics include native migrations and
pre-Columbian civilizations; Indian responses to the colonial Spanish,
French and British; captivity narratives; the origin of U.S. Indian
law; and Indian relations with the United States through 1865.  The
course will follow a lecture format; however, there will be ample
opportunity for classroom discussion.  A variety of media - such as
video recordings and slide presentations - will be used to enhance the
effectiveness of the course.  Students taking the course will be
required to attend lecture, participate in discussion, read several
books, take two exams, and write one essay.