B300 | 0396 | Lazda

1:10-2:40P     MTWR     BH244

Topic:  Nationalism & Globalization in the 20TH Century
Above section meets with WEUR W405 and W605

What is the future for Europe?  Will international cooperation and the
European Union bring peace in the 21st century?  Or, will the growth
of nationalism and xenophobia mean conflict and war like in

In this course, we will discuss how ideas of Europe and Europeans have
changed throughout twentieth-century history.  As an introduction, we
will study the formation of nation-states and the background of
nationalism.  Then, we will apply this background to countries such as
Germany, France, Italy, and Great Britain.  We will discuss how events
such as World War I, World War II, and the Cold War shaped ideas of
nationalism and globalization in Europe.  In week five we will discuss
Europe and the recent conflict in Yugoslavia and the Balkans.  In
conclusion, we will discuss the future of Europe and the signs of
international cooperation and identity as well as indicators of
conflict and war.

Classes will combine lecture and discussion.  Class materials include
assigned readings, film, and art.

Required texts:
Felix Gilbert, The End of the European Era: 1890 to Present (1991).
Omar Dahbour and Micheline Ishay, The Nationalism Reader (1995).

All readings will be available for purchase and on reserve at the Main

Short papers (1-2 pages)		35%
Mid-term				30%
Final					30%
Attendance & participation		  5%