D101 | 0389 | Eklof

10:20-11:35A     D     BH205

Above section carries culture studies credit

This course introduces the student to central themes in Russian
history; the creation of empire and of a powerful central state; the
stubborn persistence of religious resistance, popular democratic
traditions, and creative/humorous outlets, often overlooked in Western
textbooks on Russia.  Dramatic turning points in Russian history and
colorful personalities are highlighted, but daily life is also studied
through memoirs, primary sources in translation, and lectures.  We use
a brief and lively textbook: John Thompson, Russia and the Soviet
Union (most recent edition) and a variety of other sources.  There are
no prerequisites; grading will be based on two equally weighted tests
and regular quizzes or single-page synopses of the reading.  You are
expected to do the readings on time regularly.