Health, Physical Education And Recreation | Introduction to LifeSpan Development
F150 | 1063 | Dr. Deborah Fravel

F150: Introduction to Lifespan Human Development. The development of
human beings is a dynamic process, beginning with the rapid changes
that occur in cells at conception, continuing through the intricate
developmental changes that are associated with the adult aging
process, and ending at death. In this course, we study an overview of
those processes. The course embraces both scientific knowledge and
personal awareness.   That is, the course will provide you with an
overview of the research-based knowledge that constitutes current
awareness about human development throughout the lifespan.  In
addition, however, it is important to acknowledge that each of us
studies human development with an interpretation that is filtered
through personal biases.  In this course you will be called on to
address the tension between the scientific and the personal, so the
development of critical thinking skills is a course goal that exists
alongside mastery of course content.  You will spend some time
becoming familiar with some major theories of human development,
paying attention to research that supports or refutes each
perspective.  You will also have opportunities to develop skills for
evaluating the views and “folk wisdom” that exist in contemporary
society concerning human development. The course is taught through a
combination of lecture, guest speakers, large- and small-group work,
and video presentations.