Living-learning Center | Volcanoes of the Sierra Nevada
L130 | 0436 | M. Hamburger

This course is four-week long field-oriented short course that will
introduce you to the geology and natural history of the eastern
Sierra Nevada mountain chain of eastern California.  The course will
focus on the geological processes and natural history of one of the
most geologically and biologically dynamic parts of the continent, as
well as the natural hazards and environmental issues facing a unique
and environmentally sensitive area of the western US.  This three
credit course will include an intensive ten-day seminar session in
Bloomington to introduce you to the critical scientific and societal
issues, followed by a 14-day field trip to the Sierra Nevada. The
field trip will include such sites as Death Valley, Mammoth Mountain,
Inyo Crater Lakes, Mono Lake, Yosemite Valley, the abandoned mining
village of Bodie, and Lundy Canyon.

For further information on dates, events, syllabus, travel
arrangements, etc call Iris Yob 855-4579 or email