Music | Music for the Listener
Z101 | 1288 | Gillespie L

Z101: Music for the Listener (3 credits) L. Gillespie (Sect. 1288; Tue/
Thu 1:00-4:45)
This is a music appreciation course and a survey of the history of
western classical music from the Middle Ages to the present.  The
course focuses on a select group of great compositions and composers
and is designed to be an enjoyable introduction to the world of
classical music.  No musical background or training is assumed or
required.  Machils/Forney’s "The Enjoyment of Music" (with accompanying
set of 4 CDs) is the text, along with the accompanying set of three
tapes or CDs that contain the listening assignments for the semester.
Students are required to attend concerts periodically to take advantage
of the great talent and resources of the Indiana University School of