Z201 | 1292 | Gass G

Z201: History of Rock and Roll Music (3 credits) G. Gass (Sect. 1292;
Mon/Tue/Wed/Thu 10:00-11:45)
The course deals with the history and appreciation of the musical and
cultural melting pot of 1950s rock and roll and early 1960s pop.  It
begins with an overview of ancestors and influencesóblues, boogie-
woogie, jazz, swing, country and western, gospel, and popular musicóand
the crossover success of rhythm and blues acts that marked the true
birth of rock and roll.  The focus then shifts to the cataclysmic
arrival of Elvis Presley and the careers and musical styles of Chuck
Berry, Bo Diddley, Little Richard, Fats Domino, Buddy Holly, the Everly
Brothers and other Founding Fathers, and continues through fifties R&B,
doo-wop, the soul pioneers Ray Charles, Sam Cooke and Jackie Wilson and
the early sixties pop landscape of Phil Spector, the Brill Building
writers, the teen idols, the Twist and American Bandstand.  The course
has recently been enhanced by the development of an extensive series of
CD-ROM lecture companions created by Glenn Gass and the staff of the
Teaching and Learning Technologies Lab (TLTL).